Academic Facilities


All children want to get the most out of their courses and life at school, but there may well be times when other concerns or problems interfere with that aim. Arrangements have been made to offer personalized counseling to children should they feel the need.

Curriculum -

Scholastic Subjects

Pre-Primary Section (Nur, LKG & UKG)

English, Hindi & Mathematics.

Primary Section (I to V)

English, Hindi, Mathematics & Environmental Studies.

Co-Scholastic Subjects

Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Games & Yoga

Middle Section (Classes VI to VIII)

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Sanskrit.

Secondary Section (Classes IX & X)

English (Communicative), Hindi (Course-A), Mathematics, Science (With Practical) and Social Science.

Co-Scholastic Subjects-

Art & Craft, Music, Dance, Games & Yoga

Senior Secondary Section (Classes XI & XII) Streams Offered -

Science Stream

English Core, Hindi Core, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics Practices.

Commerce Stream

English Core, Hindi Core, Economics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Informatics Practices, Mathematics.

Activity Based Learning -

One of the important aspects of a truly good education, particularly at the primary & middle school level, is that learning must be activity oriented, with plenty of practical work and provision for concrete learning experiences, rather than mere bookish learning. Therefore, all academic facility interiors have been meticulously planned to allow plenty of individual activities and project work.

Remedial Follow up -

Students weak in studies are being given remedial coaching (extra tuition), during prep or activity periods.